• Temporary License


    NEW: NBCOT is reporting scores on a weekly basis as of February 7, 2014. Since scores are arriving weekly, you can get your regular license faster.

    A temporary license is only available to someone who is taking the NBCOT exam for the first time and has never held a license in any US State, territory, or foreign country for OT practice.  

    The Board must receive:

    1. The complete online or paper application form with the appropriate fee;
    2. A passport type photo in color, affixed to the application or mailed in separately. The color photo should be 2" x 2" on photographic paper, with the printed name of the applicant and last 4 digits of SSN on the reverse side in dark ink;
      Please see the announcement on the homepage for further information. Fingerprinting is a required item for license issuance on or after January 1, 2019.  
    4. Successfully passed Jurisprudence Exam, an open-book exam, based on the OT Act and Rules;
    5. SSN, or affidavit of no SSN;
    6. Physical home address;
    7. Email address;
    8. Receipt (emailed to info@ptot.texas.gov, faxed, or mailed) that you have ordered that your NBCOT score be reported to the Texas OT Board.
    9. The Confirmation of Exam Registration and Eligibility to Examine form from NBCOT. (Make arrangements for NBCOT to send us this form.);
    10. Temporary License fee (this is different from the regular application fee) sent separately by check or money order or submitted online if paid when originally applying for initial licensure.
    11. Temporary Supervision Form signed by the Texas OT with a current license who will be your supervisor (this form may NOT be faxed or emailed); and 
    12. We must receive your score directly from NBCOT, and your exam date must be by the eligibility expiration date on your Confirmation of Exam Registration and Eligibility to Examine form from NBCOT.

    If you do not take the exam in the 90 days listed in your NBCOT ATT letter and reflected in the Confirmation of Exam Registration and Eligibility to Examine form (sent to us by NBCOT), if you fail to have your score reported, or if you fail the exam, your temporary license will be voided. There is no extension or second temporary license. 

    Temporary licensees must have all their notes co-signed and receive extra supervision. An OT with a temporary license must have on-the-premises supervision by an OT with a regular license.  An OTA with a temporary license must have on-the-premises supervision from an OT or OTA with a regular license. 

    Read §373.2, Supervision of a Temporary Licensee, Chapter 364, Requirements for Licensure of the OT Rules, and the full OT Rules and OT Practice Act for further information and regulations.


    Can I work in Home Health?

    Temporary licensees must be supervised by licensee with a regular license who is on the premises.  An OT with a temporary license must have an OT with a regular license on the premises. An OTA with a temporary license must have an OT or OTA with a regular license on the premises.  This is true for all settings including home health.

    How long will I practice on the Temporary License?

    On average approximately 1-2 months, depending on whether you take the exam early in your ATT period or later.  If you fail the examination, fail to take the examination during the 90 day window as stated on the Confirmation of Examination Registration and Eligibility to Examine form from NBCOT, or fail to have the score reported, the temporary license is void and must be returned to the Board. An additional temporary license will not be issued.  Read  §364.3 of the Rules.  Remember we receive score reports throughout the week.

    Can I apply for a Temporary License after I've applied for Regular License?

    Yes. Send in the temporary license fee and the required items. 

    Can I supervise an aide?

    No. §373.2 of the Rules: Temporary licensees may not supervise anyone.

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