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Facility Renewal

Note: Facility registration for Occupational Therapy Facilities and Physical Therapy Facilities will no longer be required as of September 1, 2019 due to changes to the OT Practice Act and PT Practice Act that take effect that day.


Facility registrations must be renewed annually. 

The boards email a renewal notification approximately two months before the facility expiration date. However, it is the responsibility of each facility to ensure that the registration is renewed in a timely fashion, regardless of whether the facility receives the board notification. If a facility does not have the renewal completed before expiration (this is verified online on this website) services authorized by registration may not be provided until the renewal is verified as current online.  

A statement of registration may be printed from the Look up a License page of the board's website. 

To renew a facility registration that has been expired less than one year, the owner must pay a late fee in addition to completing all other requirements.  A facility registration that has been expired one year or more must be restored.

Renewal Fees:

1 to 90 days late: the amount owed is the renewal fee plus a late fee equal to 1/2 the renewal fee.

91 days to less than one year late: the amount owed is the renewal fee plus a late fee equal to the renewal fee.  

An owner may not register a new facility in lieu of renewal of an expired registration for a facility in the same location.



The owner of a facility must restore a facility’s registration if the registration has been expired one year or more, or if the registration of a facility has been cancelled.

Cancelled and Expired Registrations

Cancelled registration: A registration is considered cancelled when the facility owner notifies the board by submitting the Cancellation of Registration Form that the PT or OT services are no longer being provided no later than thirty (30) days after the expiration date of the registration.

Expired registration: The registration was not cancelled, and the facility registration expired.

Restoration Fees:

If the owner cancelled the facility registration in writing, the restoration fee is the same as the renewal fee.

If the facility owner did not cancel the registration in writing and the registration expired, the fee is twice the renewal fee.

An owner may not register a new facility in lieu of restoration of the owner’s previously registered facility in the same location.

Download the Cancellation of Registration Form, Facility Restoration Form, and the Therapist in Charge Form from the Facility Forms page.



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