• Note: Facility registration for Occupational Therapy Facilities and Physical Therapy Facilities will no longer be required as of September 1, 2019 due to changes to the OT Practice Act and PT Practice Act that take effect that day.

    - If a facility offers both PT and OT, a separate application and fee are required for each.

    - Registration expiration dates for all PT or OT facilities owned by one person or business entity are synchronized, which means that all of the facility registrations expire on the same date.   For all PT and OT facility expiration dates to be synchronized so that both types of facility registrations expire on the same date, the owner must submit a request in writing.  For more information about synchronization, please refer to the PT or OT rules.

    To apply for facility registration, a facility must:

       1.    complete the registration application online or mail a completed paper application to the Board with the registration fee, and
       2.     submit a signed Therapist in Charge (TIC) form.  The TIC form may be faxed to the Board at 512/305-6970.

    A facility that has not been registered previously must complete the registration process prior to providing services. PT or OT services may be provided at the facility upon online verification of current PT or OT registration, respectively, on the boards’ Facility Registration Verification webpage prior to receiving the paper registration certificate. The facility does not need to wait to have the paper registration certificate physically in hand, although once it has been received, it must be displayed as per the PT or OT Rules.

    If a facility is registered as a PT and an OT facility, the facility must have a Therapist in Charge for each profession. A PT or OT may be the TIC for more than one facility. If a therapist resigns from the TIC position, he or she must notify the Board immediately. The facility has 30 days to submit a TIC affidavit signed by the new Therapist in Charge.

    For additional information, contact the Facilities Department at 512/305-6900.

    You should have the information listed below on hand, and be prepared to enter credit card or electronic check information to pay the fee.  The following information is required: 

    • The type of business that owns the facility (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, government entity);
    • The name and federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the owner;
    • The facility’s (physical) street address and mailing address;
    • The names and contact information for the owner or top four managing officers (including SSNs and drivers’ license numbers);
    • If you are registering a facility due to a change in ownership, you will also need the previous facility registration number.
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