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 Inactive & Retired License Status


For information on Inactive or Retired Status renewal, go to Renew an Inactive License or a License on Retired Status


  • Putting a license in the inactive status means that a licensee has chosen not to practice, but wishes to maintain licensure so that she/he may return to practice in the future.

    • The Inactive status can be selected only at time of renewal, and requires the use of the paper License Renewal.
    • A licensee may remain in inactive status for no more than six years.
    • An inactive licensee may return to active status at any time. If a licensee returns to active status at time of renewal, the fee is the same as the renewal fee.  If the licensee returns to active status before the next renewal date, the licensee must pay a reactivation fee equal to the renewal fee. 
    • For more information about "going inactive," see §341.8 of the rules.

    Putting a license in the Retired Status: Performing Volutary Charity Care means that a licensee will be continuing to provide physical therapy services only in the domain of voluntary charity care.   "Voluntary charity care" is defined as services provided for NO compensation as a volunteer of a charitable organization.

    • Retired status may only be selected at the time of renewal, and requires the use of the Retired Status Application/Renewal form.
    • The Voluntary Charity Care Attestation page of the form MUST be completed in order to qualify for Retired Status.
    • A licensee may remain in retired status indefinitely.

    For more information about the retired status, see §341.9 of the rules.


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